James, you were the last one to enter the race, but, you walked away with the project.

Ibrahim Abdulla, Abu Dhabi.

I had never thought there was so much to consider about carpet when you are looking for the best floor covering solution.

Deep Mehta, Mumbai.

James, the only time I remained awake during our Sales Conference was when you made the presentation.

Chris Hunter, GA, USA

Sir, your class was very inspiring. I am now seriously thinking of taking a Sales job after I heard you.

Anish Abraham, Marian College.

Another day


It has been just another day, nothing really special happened.  Well, I could have made the day special by doing something special, but, I didn’t.

It takes time, strong will and genuine commitment to do something special which will make every day special.

I remain waiting for another special day; no, I will make next day a special one.

Kind regards to all,