James, you were the last one to enter the race, but, you walked away with the project.

Ibrahim Abdulla, Abu Dhabi.

I had never thought there was so much to consider about carpet when you are looking for the best floor covering solution.

Deep Mehta, Mumbai.

James, the only time I remained awake during our Sales Conference was when you made the presentation.

Chris Hunter, GA, USA

Sir, your class was very inspiring. I am now seriously thinking of taking a Sales job after I heard you.

Anish Abraham, Marian College.

The Last Judgment

The Book: ‘The Last Judgment’, is a 98,000 words crime-thriller targeted for an audience of books that make a difference in the world.  It is a reverberating contemporary take on the human quest for justice.  The book is to make a difference in the world, what I strove for in my story.  It’s both a […]


Carpet Tile – Selection & Evaluation

Evaluation of Carpet Tile for Commercial Space: Why is it important to have a detailed evaluation of carpet/floor covering for a commercial space? Because: Carpet has the highest visual impact Carpet is the most abused product among the office interiors Carpet is the only product in an office on which more money is spent maintaining […]


The carpet effect at workplace

Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications Tuesday, Nov 18, 2003 The carpet effect at workplace Anjali Prayag Bangalore , Nov. 17 FACILITY managers are realizing that rolling out carpets in offices is not just an expensive investment activity, but does offer some interesting returns. For instance, cushion-backed carpets are energy savers, reduce muscle […]


Give and Get Rewarded

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Thus says the Bible. My Friends, One Rupee Challenge One of the most striking results of the World Giving […]


Another day

Hello, It has been just another day, nothing really special happened.  Well, I could have made the day special by doing something special, but, I didn’t. It takes time, strong will and genuine commitment to do something special which will make every day special. I remain waiting for another special day; no, I will make next […]


Hello world!

My friends, This is a wonderful thought to share, from Amitab Bachan’s blog: नेत्र यदि सकारात्मक हों , तो आप समस्त विश्व से प्यार करेंगे ज़बान यदि सकारात्मक हो, तो समस्त विश्व आप से प्यार करेगा  … if mine eyes be positive, they shall love the world .. but if my tongue be positive the world shall love me ..   Bye for now my friends.


The 3 keys to more abundant living…

“There are 3 keys to more abundant living: Caring about others, daring for others and sharing with others”. by Philosopher William Ward Abundant Living


Getting closer or getting

It is common knowledge Internet and mobile phone has made the world a village, brought people together and closer. Did these wonderful technologies bring us closer or disconnected us? While we attempt to connect with people we have never known and never met, we are probably distancing ourselves from others who are actually very close […]