James, you were the last one to enter the race, but, you walked away with the project.

Ibrahim Abdulla, Abu Dhabi.

I had never thought there was so much to consider about carpet when you are looking for the best floor covering solution.

Deep Mehta, Mumbai.

James, the only time I remained awake during our Sales Conference was when you made the presentation.

Chris Hunter, GA, USA

Sir, your class was very inspiring. I am now seriously thinking of taking a Sales job after I heard you.

Anish Abraham, Marian College.

The Last Judgment

The Book:

‘The Last Judgment’, is a 98,000 words crime-thriller targeted for an audience of books that make a difference in the world.  It is a reverberating contemporary take on the human quest for justice.  The book is to make a difference in the world, what I strove for in my story.  It’s both a journey through the village life in South India and a journey to make a difference.
The story:

While it was a dream to become another Mother Theresa for the village girl from a hand to mouth family, the loss of her little brother turns her dream to a goal.  But she wants more, she wants to be a Dr. Mother Theresa; a doctor for the poor.  Her determination takes her to the best medical college in the country.
All was well at the medical college.  The poor village girl becomes the best all-rounder – toper in academics, an orator and more.  All went well for four years.  She was the favorite of the faculties as well as her classmates.  But, in her final year is unkind to her.  There are other classmates with dreams and goals.  A fellow classmate of hers has a very distinct dream.  Money and power, she already has it; name and fame?  That’s not a dream, that’s the goal, by hook or by crook.

In the second half of the final year, so very close to start her dream journey, Most classmates have be, a model At the medical college, Anjali and Lakshmi are final year students.  Contrary to Anjali’s poor village background, Lakshmi comes from a wealthy business family.  Though highly talented and brilliant, Lakshmi’s envy plays the villain and the drama unfolds.  Because, for Lakshmi, Anjali is the only obstacle to her gold medal dream.  On the day Anjali was to start on her dream mission, she disappears.

In a bid to locate Anjali, a team of young doctors turns investigators astound the Police and the Government.  Their operation creates a national divide bringing people together on one side and the government on the other.  Through an unprecedented investigation operation, the undaunted young men bring the criminals to law.  Setting new standards in the legal process, they deliver justice.  Anjalil embarks on her dream mission and becomes a national hero.  While on her dream mission, Anjali joins the young doctors to develop a new technology that medical science has never seen.